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Tasty, satisfying and healthy. What’s not to love about our Nutrilean meal plan?

Get ready to have your mind blown. Our 5-star gourmet chef DK developed our Nutrilean plan menu to change the way people think about healthy eating.

Designed by a team of passionate dieticians and chefs, Nutrilean will help you reach your goal-weight through quality food that's just as delicious as it is nutritious.

Based on your unique needs and wants, we'll outline the perfect macronutrient ratio, delivering leaner proteins, fewer carbs, and plenty of veggies. Pick your frequency, number of meals, calories needed, and place your order!


Nutrilean meals can be:

 Dairy-free Vegan Vegetarian Pescetarian

Nutrilean meals:

  • Contain less than 450 calories
  • Never frozen or canned
  • Without artificial additives, preservatives, or added sugar
  • Well balanced, with lean proteins for muscle, complex carbohydrates for energy, and fibrous vegetables for metabolism
  • Low in sodium, cholesterol, and saturated fat
  • Tasty and satisfying


Less than 450 per serving


About 60-70 grams per serving


Around 23 grams per serving


Usually less than 10 grams per serving

For a Nutrilean breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack the total calories is:

  • Regular Size: 1200 Calories / Day
  • Small Size: 800 Calories / Day
  • Large Size: 1500 Calories / Day

Nutrilean Meal Plan macro is:




20% 60% 20%