Meal Options


Menu for your healthy meals – we have a variety of over 300 delicious, but healthy menu items and gourmet recipes. The menu for your 2 healthy meals will be fixed and published on our website and social media pages on the week prior to delivery, no later than Thursday.

Menu for your gourmet protein shakes – we give you the option to choose which flavour of protein shakes you would like delivered to you. We have over 5 flavourful options to choose from for you.

Prizes to be won

we will offer cash prizes of ฿ 10,000 for our Silver package, ฿ 20,000 for our Gold package and ฿ 30,000 for our Platinum package. The cash prizes will be awarded to the Bigger Loser (i.e. the biggest percentage decrease in body fat levels) among the cohort of silver, gold, and platinum package joiners, respectively. To ensure accurate measurements, our team of nutritionists would come meet you personally to measure your body-fat percentage when starting and ending your package with us. Winners will be announced at the end of 12 weeks.

Discounts to Groups

Discounts for Group Joiners are offered. We would need one person (the Team Captain) to contact us with the first and last name of all Joiners in the Group. If the Group has 2 to 4 Joiners, we will apply a 5% discount for every Joiner in the Group. If the Group has 4 and more Joiners we will apply a 10% discount for every Joiner in the Group.

Delivery Options

we will deliver your 2 nutritional meals (lunch & dinner) and your gourmet protein shake to your preferred delivery address between 6 to 10am, Monday to Friday. Saturday’s delivery will be sent together with your Friday’s meals on Friday morning.

All our meals will be delivered in temperature-controlled bags for which we will charge ฿ 200 as security deposit upon starting the program, if you return the bag with us when you finish the program we will refund the ฿ 200 security deposit to you.


For the Silver (4-week package) we would require a one-time payment to start the program. However, for the Gold (8-week) and Platinum (12-week) packages we can offer you the flexibility to either do a one-off payment or to be billed on a monthly basis.

Payments can be made by Credit Cards through paypal , Direct Bank Transfers to our Thai Bank account or Cash on Delivery (upfront on Day 1).